Strada® 400SC

Strada® 400SC is a selective broad-spectrum herbicide recommended for use in certain fruit crops and onions for the control of annual grasses and broadleaf weeds. Following the application of Strada® 400SC to the soil and its absorption by the plant, both root and shoot growth is inhibited in susceptible plants. Affected plants die shortly after germination or following emergence from the soil. Strada® 400SC will not control perennial or established weeds. Weed control with Strada® 400SC may be reduced where soil organic matter exceeds 6%. Approximately 12 mm of rainfall or irrigation within ten days of application is required for optimum performance. Reduced weed control can be expected when used under dry soil conditions.

Active Ingredient: 400g/litre Pendimethalin

Chemical Group: Dinitroaniline – GROUP K1 HERBICIDE

Formulation: Suspension concentrate

Pack Size: 10 Litre