Tramino® is a selective herbicide that effectively controls many problematic weeds in pasture, forage brassicas and forage plantain. These weeds include thistles, Ragwort, Giant buttercup, Docks and Hemlock. Tramino® is a pyridine carboxylic acid herbicide that provides systemic control of target species with good tolerance of cool and warm-season grasses. Tramino® is a post-emergence herbicide that controls the entire plant, including the roots, and offers soil residual activity to extend control. Tramino® also provides pre-emergence weed control on many susceptible weeds, including some that are not susceptible to foliar applications.

Active Ingredient: 30g/litre aminopyralid

Chemical Group: Pyridine carboxylic-acid

Formulation: Soluble concentrate

Pack Size: 10 Litre