Lancer® 750DF

As a foliar spray, Lancer® 750DF penetrates the plant and translocates throughout the leaf. Insects contacting the spray, or feeding on the plant above or underground, are effectively controlled. Lancer® 750DF continues to work and protect your crop for two to four weeks after application. Lancer® 750DF has low acute mammalian toxicity. It is rapidly degraded by plants and organisms. Lancer® 750DF rapidly penetrates plants and does not wash off easily onto the soil. Acephate – the active ingredient – is rapidly degraded in soil by soil micro-organisms and thus will not “build-up” in soil or groundwater. Lancer® 750DF is for the control of most caterpillar pests and aphids on avocados, citrus, cabbages, cauliflower, lettuce, tamarillos, tomatoes (outdoor only) and boysenberries.

Active Ingredient: 750g/kg Acephate

Chemical Group: Organo-phosphate

Formulation: Water soluble powder

Pack Size: 1kg