Nematak® 400EC

Nematak® 400EC is highly effective insecticide against nematodes in potatoes, carrots and parsnips. Its contact and systemic activity offer effective control of all economically important nematodes at all stages of development. Nematak® 400EC is a systemic nematicide. Nematodes (eelworms) are soil living organisms which cause stunting and reduction in yield in a number of crops. Symptoms of nematode damage may vary with the crop, e.g. forking in carrots, root galls and wilting. Nematak® 400EC has shown promise for the control of root knot and root lesion nematodes in a range of crops.

Active Ingredient: 400g/litre fenamiphos

Chemical Group: Organophosphate – GROUP 1 INSECTICIDE

Formulation: Emulsifiable concentrate

Pack Size: 20 litre