Picture® 100SC

Picture® 100SC is a high potency, Belgian-formulated synthetic pyrethroid insecticide with excellent residual activity on a range of household pests. Picture® 100SC exhibits strong rain fastness properties and withstands degradation by sunlight and heat. The low dosage also means that less formulated chemical is required. Being a SC (suspension concentrate), low-odour formulation also means that it is water-based and exhibits a greater level of safety on indoor furnishings and less user-toxicity exposure when compared with an equivalent EC (emulsifiable concentrate) formulation.

Active Ingredient: 100g/litre alpha-cypermethrin

Chemical Group: Synthetic Pyrethroid

Formulation: Suspension Concentrate

Pack Size: 1 Litre

Compatibility: Compatible with most commonly used insecticides. Do not mix with strongly alkaline materials or products containing aluminium.