Plant Growth Regulators


Modula® is a PGR which shortens and stiffens the straw of barley, ryecorn and triticale. Modula® is mainly taken up through the green parts of plants. It should only be applied to vigorously growing crops, which have an adequate supply of nutrient and moisture, and which are free from any stress prior to and following treatment. Best results are obtained when Modula® is applied during the recommended growth stages of the crop. The main effect is to shorten and thicken the stem between the internodes, on those parts that are undergoing stem elongation at, or following, treatment. Early treatment therefore provides the greatest protection against basal lodging, and later treatments are more effective at reducing straw and neck break.

Active Ingredient: 305g/litre Mepiquat Chloride + 155g/litre Chlorethephon

Formulation: Soluble concentrate

Pack Size: 10 Litre