Azamet® granular

Azamet® Granular is a general purpose soil fumigant which is suitable for preparing seed beds to grow vegetables (e.g. for the prevention of clubroot in brassicas), ornamentals, forest tree seeds, or as a soil disinfectant to be used before planting out tomatoes, brassicas, lettuces, strawberries, cut flowers, or before replanting fruit trees or sowing areas of turf such as golf greens. Azamet® Granular can also be used to disinfect bulk soil and in glasshouses. Azamet® Granular is a soil fumigant for use in glasshouses, bulk soil and fields by commercial growers to control weeds, nematodes, soil borne fungus diseases, and soil dwelling insects.

Active Ingredient: 970g/kg dazomet

Chemical Group: Benzene sulphamide

Formulation: Micro granule

Pack Size: 20 Kg