Bravium® is a systemic insecticide from the pyridine azomethine chemical group, and has a unique mode of action. It stops aphids and whiteflies from feeding and they subsequently starve to death. Because of its selectivity, Bravium® is highly suited for use in IPM programmes. Bravium® has translaminar and systemic activity within the plant. First symptoms are visible within 15 minutes after direct contact or ingestion. Feeding stops within 1 hour and death by starvation occurs within 3 days. Aphids may still be visible on the plant a few days after treatment, but they will not be causing damage and will no longer be able to transmit viruses. In aphids, Bravium® is active on all mobile forms. Bravium® is for the control of Aphids on Lettuce, Potatoes, Tamarillos, Tomatoes, Vegetable Brassicas and Green Peach Aphid on Peaches and Nectarines, and Whitefly on Tamarillos and Tomatoes.

Active Ingredient: 250g/litre Pymetrozine in the form of a suspension concentrate.

Chemical Group: Pyridine Azomethine

Formulation: Suspension Concentrate

Pack Size: 1 litre