Soil Fumigants


Nuron® is a selective insecticide that exhibits excellent control of potato/tomato psyllid in potatoes. It is a nonsystemic Insect Growth Inhibitor (IGI) with strong stomach and moderate contact activity and is also the only GROUP 15 insecticide registered for TPP control in potatoes. Following 3 years of Plant & Food Research trials, Nuron® has proved to be highly effective against TPP nymphs (showing 98-100% control of nymphs) – some of which may be resistant to other chemical groups. Nuron® should be used as part of an early-to-mid season preventative programme for the control of TPP, just before an infestation is likely to occur. Where adults are present, the addition of a knockdown insecticide is recommended.

Active Ingredient: 50g/litre Lufenuron in the form of an emulsifiable concentrate.

Chemical Group: Benzoylurea – GROUP 15 INSECTICIDE

Formulation: Emulsifiable Concentrate

Pack Size: 5 Litre