Supremis® 100SC

Supremis® 100SC is a systemic insecticide for the control of mealy bug in grapes, and tomato/potato psyllid in field tomatoes and potatoes. Supremis® 100SC is a lipid biosynthesis inhibitor, which is active via ingestion. Supremis® 100SC has two-way systemic activity in the plant, as it moves both upwards and downwards. This assists in distributing the insecticide throughout the plant, and thereby targeting pests which may be difficult to contact with other insecticides. The active ingredient – spirotetramat – moves both down to roots and up to new growth that may not have been directly sprayed. It is redistributed to the most vulnerable tissue via both the phloem and xylem. Sucking pests primarily ingest it orally, ensuring uptake of a lethal dose wherever they are feeding. It is effective against developmental or immature stages of sucking pests.

Active Ingredient: 100g/litre Spirotetramat

Chemical Group: Inhibitor of acetyl CoA carboxylase Lipid synthesis (GROUP 23 INSECTICIDE)

Formulation: Suspension concentrate

Pack Size: 5 Litre