Prolan® 240SC

Prolan® 240SC belongs to a group of Moult Accelerating Compound (MAC) insecticides which mimic the action of the larval moulting hormone and induce premature moult. Feeding damage stops within 24 hours but insect death may take several days. Prolan® 240SC can be used in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programmes and can be applied over flowering. However, avoid spraying while honey bees are actively foraging. Prolan® 240SC is a target specific insecticide for the control of codling moth on apples and pears and leafrollers on apples, pears, kiwifruit, grapes, stonefruit (except cherries) and avocado.

Active Ingredient: 240g/litre Tebufenozide

Chemical Group: Ecdysteroid agonist

Formulation: Suspension concentrate

Pack Size: 5 Litre